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What Types of Questions are on the MPJE?

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The MPJE consists 120 computer adaptive questions delivered based on your response.

20 of these questions will not be scored because MPJE contains experimental questions being tested by NABP; but you won’t know which one wasn’t used in calculating your score. Passing score on MPJE is 75 on scaled score of 0 to 100.

MPJE exam is divided into following sections:

Pharmacy Practice (Approximately 83% of Test)

  • Legal responsibilities of the pharmacist and other pharmacy personnel
  • Requirements for the acquisition and distribution of pharmaceutical products, including samples
  • Legal requirements that must be observed in the issuance of a prescription/drug order
  • Procedures necessary to properly dispense a pharmaceutical product, including controlled substances, pursuant to a prescription/drug order
  • Conditions for making an offer to counsel or counseling appropriate patients, including the requirements for documentation
  • Requirements for the distribution and/or dispensing of non-prescription pharmaceutical products, including controlled substances
  • Procedures for keeping records of information related to pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical products and patients, including requirements for protecting patient confidentiality
  • Requirements for handling hazardous materials such as described in USP

Licensure, Registration, Certification, and Operational Requirements (15%)

  • Qualifications, application procedure, necessary examinations, and internship for licensure, registration, or certification of individuals engaged in the storage, distribution, and/or dispensing of pharmaceutical products
  • Requirements and application procedure for the registration, licensure, certification, or permitting of a practice setting or business entity

Operational requirements for a registered, licensed, certified, or permitted practice setting

General Regulatory Processes (2%)

  • Application of regulations

MPJE Sample Questions: Provided by NABP

Details on MPJE Blueprint, the MPJE test design, MPJE competency statements, topics covered on the MPJE, MPJE sample questions, rules submitting claims for a reduced retake fee, including forms, required documentation, and submission deadlines have been provided in the new NAPLEX/MPJE Application Bulletin and can be accessed at the following link.


We encourage you to review the Bulletin before applying to MPJE and when preparing for the MPJE to ensure you have the most current information on MPJE questions.

Multiple-Choice Question Format

How many total continuing pharmacy education hours are required to be completed upon the second renewal of a pharmacist’s license in this jurisdiction?

1. 15

2. 20

3. 25

4. 30

5. 40

Multiple-Response Question Format

Which of the following medications are classified as Schedule II controlled substances in this jurisdiction? (Select ALL that apply.)

1. Strattera

2. Lisdexamfetamine

3. Meprobamate

4. Amphetamine

5. Dexmethylphenidate

Ordered-Response Question Format

Place the following in the order in which they would expire according to federal regulations, starting with the earliest. (ALL options must be used.) Left-click the mouse to highlight, drag, and order the answer options.

Unordered Options
Ordered Response
A partially filled methylphenidate prescription for a patient not in a long-term care facility
A phoned-in, emergency oxycodone prescription
A written bupropion prescription
An electronic alprazolam prescription
A partially filled morphine prescription for a patient in a long-term care facility

MPJE – Understanding legal necessity

Reading and understanding laws comprehensively is an essential skill for any pharmacy student or pharmacist. To succeed in the pharmacy profession, you’ll need to be able to read dense regulations, laws, and documents with accuracy and precision. You’ll need to be able to deduce how the given circumstances of a legal situation compare to the law, or how facts compare to the stipulations of a regulation.

MPJE tests your ability to exercise these skills. Practice to eliminate distractors in the responses. It’s always easy to eliminate two choices from the given answers and select the best answer from the remaining choices.

MPJE questions will test your Analytical Reasoning and features short passages that present a set of conditions or relationships between events, or things, coupled with questions that test your ability to draw conclusions about these events with legal reasoning. The conditions presented in each question should be treated as exact. Words like “shall” or “should” must be taken literally, and no assumptions should be made.

Questions on the MPJE test your Logical Reasoning and your ability to analyze situations. The questions can typically feature situations in the pharmacy followed by one question about the situation and might ask you to identify the best action you should take considering the circumstances. Always try examining the question and understand the author’s intension in asking the question. Majority of the MPJE questions are designed keeping patient safety in mind and correct answer will lead you towards highest degree of patient safety.

Acing the MPJE doesn’t require you to know much about the law itself, but it does require you to possess many of the skills that need to be applied in pharmacy operations that law mandates, which mainly include the following: accurately reading prescriptions, the ability to analyze situation, make interpretations, and effectively reason for a course of action within the legal boundaries.

These skills on pharmacy laws and regulations can be honed, and we’re here to help with available resources, including our MPJE free sample questions and State Specific MPJE Practice questions.





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