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What is MPJE Blueprint? Ultimate Key to MPJE Study Guide.

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MPJE Blueprint is an important document and every test taker must review and comprehend.

If you are looking out for the details regarding MPJE Blueprint and MPJE exam and how to get success in MPJE exam, then read on to get detailed information in the article.

MPJE-NABP Blueprint – Updated Febuary 2019


Knowing about MPJE exam

The MPJE is a computer-based exam that comprises of 120 questions which tests candidate’s knowledge on Pharmacy Law and Jurisprudence in the State of Jurisdiction. In MPJE test 100 questions will be counted towards final score out of the 120 questions based on which your scaled score is calculated.  The rest of 20 questions are trial questions that will not be considered to calculate MPJE score.

Pretest/trial questions are part of all MPJE exams which are included to assess their correctness for inclusion in future exams. The candidate cannot figure out the pretest questions as they are distributed throughout the exam. The duration to complete MPJE exam is 2-1/2 hours. The appointment time fixed to read & agree the NDA agreement, survey(post exam), tutorial, with Pearson VUE vendor will be 3 hours.

Along with State Boards of Pharmacy, MPJE is evenly controlled, created and scored following the policies & procedures stated by NABP. The MPJE content is accredited by practitioners, boards of pharmacy, educators through the country via their service as in role of MPJE review committee members, item writers, board of all pharmacy representatives.

The candidates are tested based on the proficiency in MPJE pharmacy law as stated in MPJE Competency Statements. Every State Board of Pharmacy that is participating approves the questions that are relevant to State and Federal Laws of Jurisdictions wherein the candidates are interested in getting license. Candidates are supposed to appear for an exam for a respective State/Jurisdiction in which they want to get Pharmacist license.

MPJE Test Structure

The examination is carried out as you attempt the questions utilizing the information completed and recorded. When you answer the computer based MPJE questions, the user-friendly technology will evaluate the answers and utilize the information to choose the subsequent test question. Next, the computer will pick up a question that matches your ability from the set of test questions. Your ability will be determined based on your right & wrong answers and aspects of questions that were allocated to you.

The structure of the test needs you to answer all the questions in the same order as given in the test. You are not supposed to skip any question or revert to the previous question to check your answer. Once you choose an option to answer then proceed to the next question and system will not let you revert to change the answer to the previous question. To pass MPJE you need to score 75.

MPJE Sample questions

Every candidate who is appearing for the MPJE exam gets the chance to opt for tutorial at different testing centres to know about MPJE sample questions before starting the exam.

The MPJE exam questions can include

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Multiple Response
  • Ordered Response

Now let us learn about how MPJE scoring system works? In order to get your MPJE test score, it is compulsory for you to complete 107 questions during the examination. If you complete less than 107 questions, your scores will not be recorded. If you attempt 107 questions but less than 120, then you will get a penalty and your scores will be adjusted accordingly to present the number of questions you failed to answer.

MPJE Exam cost

When you opt to appear for MPJE exams, you need to know the MPJE exam cost to understand the exam fee structure. You will need to pay $100 which is not refundable and is fee taken for eligibility processing for every Jurisdiction chosen plus a $150 which is again not refundable taken against application fee for every examinee.

Re-appearing for the MPJE exam

Looking at the MPJE pass rate you need to score minimum 75 to pass the exam. If you failed MPJE now what? Do not worry you will get 5 attempts as per the rules of Jurisdiction to pass MPJE exams.

Remember, there is a waiting period of a month between every attempt for MPJE. If you are applying for a retake, you need to start by following the application process again along with examination and application fees.  The eligibility needs to be confirmed again by board of pharmacy & candidates.

In case you miss the date of test while neglecting the cancellation rules then there will be a penalty in testing fees and you may need to wait for 5 working days after the fixed appointment to pay for the retake fee and obtain a new ATT.

Study Materials for MPJE exam

It is highly recommended to access the online study material for MPJE pharmacy exam by visiting individual State Pharmacy Board and DEA website. MPJE cd-roms/downloads and MPJE practice questions are also available online. You can use this effective tool for Pharmacy exam so that you score well in the exams. You can access the online tools and training material available on RPHBUDDY.COM to have in-depth knowledge of how to answer the questions during the Pharmacy Law exam.

If you are looking for an elaborated form of study material to clear your MPJE exams, you can also buy MPJE study guide which gives you detailed test format each for a respective State. You can also download the guides or buy CD-ROMs. The online sources help you access the study material as per your convenience and pace.


So, before you apply for the MPJE exams make sure you know each and every rule that is associated with the exams as well as retake. Make sure you prepare yourself through tutorials, online study material to do well for the first time so that you do not have to take retakes. There are a lot of study materials available that you can take help from to prepare for the exams.



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