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What is the best way to prepare for MPJE?

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What is the best way to prepare for MPJE? Is that the question on your mind? Then read on.

Welcome to the RPHBUDDY MPJE Practice Questions for Pharmacist Licensing (updated for 2019). Preparing for your MPJE can feel overwhelming. There is a lot to remember, as well as understand. As a Registered Pharmacist, you’ll have much responsibility in every aspect of patient care. You’ll be soon in a leadership role on your team guiding technicians through legal situations.

All test-takers are tested on their knowledge of pharmacy law as outlined in the MPJE Competency Statements. Each participating state board of pharmacy approves those questions that are specific to the federal and state laws of the jurisdictions in which test-takers are seeking licensure.

Test-takers must take a separate examination for each state or jurisdiction in which they are seeking licensure. By comprehending as much information as possible now, you’ll be more confident in knowing laws when you begin your career.

MPJE Eligibility Policy Updates

NABP has announced new policies valid from February 4, 2019, if your eligibility for the NAPLEX or MPJE is within 10 business days of expiring you are unable to purchase the examination.

If your eligibility period is 10 business days or fewer, you need to submit a new application, and the board provides new eligibility dates for you.

If your eligibility period expires within 10 business days, it can be enormously challenging to purchase an exam and to schedule an appointment to test before the eligibility period expires.

NABP advises you to purchase your MPJE examination as soon as you get eligibility and to schedule an appointment to test as soon as you receive your Authorization to Test (ATT) letter to ensure that your requested appointment time is available.

MPJE and NAPLEX Re-sit Request Policy Updates

NABP has announced that effective February 4, 2019, the retake fees for NAPLEX and MPJE test-takers are changing to $475 and $150, respectively. If you missed your scheduled examination due to an emergency, you might be able to purchase a retake at a reduced fee ($170 for the NAPLEX and $100 for the MPJE).

Test-taker must submit a Retake Request Form and supporting documentation within three business days of your missed appointment to qualify for the reduced fee. Emergency circumstances are assessed on a case-by-case basis to determine if you are responsible for any fees.

The following are acceptable reasons for missing a scheduled exam that may qualify you for the emergency retake request upon submitting approved documentation
• Either the candidate or an immediate family member has a severe illness; general or minor sickness does not qualify. NABP requires medical documentation for verification purposes.
• Death of an immediate family member. Candidate must submit an obituary or death certificate.
• A disabling traffic accident. Candidate must submit a copy of the police report.
• A court appearance or jury duty. Candidate must submit a copy of the court summons.
• Unexpected military duty. Candidate must submit a copy of the paperwork from the military

Retake fees is assessed when you miss your scheduled testing appointment without following the proper cancellation procedures; this includes when you are turned away at the testing center for having incorrect identification and arriving late for your scheduled appointment.

If you fail to appear at your appointment, ATT will no longer be valid; therefore, you must purchase a retake to get a new ATT to schedule a new testing appointment. If your eligibility for the NAPLEX or MPJE is within 10 business days of expiring, you are unable to purchase a retake.

Details on submitting claims for a reduced retake fee, including forms, required documentation, and submission deadlines have been provided in the new NAPLEX/MPJE Application Bulletin and accessed at the following link.


We encourage you to review the Bulletin before requesting a retake to ensure that you have the most current procedures.

MPJE Exam Limits: 5 Attempts

You are permitted a maximum of 5 attempts per jurisdiction or state to pass the MPJE. After a failed attempt, you are required to wait 30 days per jurisdiction or state to next attempt the MPJE. Some cases are exempt, as NABP member boards retain the authority to determine the number of attempts per candidate in their jurisdiction. Contact NABP Customer Service for more information.

MPJE waiting Period

According to NABP for the MPJE the waiting period is 30 days between attempts. If you fail MPJE or have to retake the MPJE, test-takers must begin the application process again, including paying the application and examination fees. The board of pharmacy reconfirms eligibility and test-takers must adhere to the 30-day waiting period.

MPJE Practice Questions on RPHBUDDY.COM

MPJE Testing experts recommend starting to prepare 3-6months before taking the examination. Our MPJE learning module allows time to take practice tests and then focus on areas that need extra study. Prepare a daily plan that includes working on a practice test and understanding the rationale for each question.

Our practice tests are designed to maximize your study time and focus on MPJE blueprint topics. You can attempt questions as many times as you like in the 90 days from the day of your purchase.

MPJE Questions on RPHBUDDY practice test cover the following topics:

Area 1: Pharmacy Practice
Area 2: Licensure, Registration, Certification, and Operational Requirements
Area 3: General Regulatory Processes

Read the question carefully, analyze the reasoning and select the best option. If you are not sure, try to eliminate the distractors and reread the options that can help you choose the correct answer. If you miss the correct answer, an explanation is provided to give you instant feedback and reinforcement.

It’s fun to track your progress on the grid on your dashboard in your account. As you go along, the system indicates the percentage of questions you have completed. You can stop your practice test at any time and restart all over again at your convenience. Take your time and all the best!

Taking and passing MPJE Pharmacy exam skills can be honed, and we’re here to help with available resources, including our MPJE free sample questions and State Specific MPJE Practice questions.

Start your MPJE Prep by reading the MPJE Application Bulletin or competency statement is also known as ‘MPJE Blueprint.’ This document outlines the content of the MPJE Pharmacy law exam and helps you simplify the pharmacy law topics to focus and guides you to study for the MPJE Pharmacy exam.

The multistate pharmacy jurisprudence exam (MPJE) tests multiple competency areas; pharmacy practice, licensure, registration, certification, operational requirements and general regulatory processes.

Knowing the MPJE bulletin, MPJE pass rate and MPJE results are crucial in your preparation for the multistate pharmacy jurisprudence examination. There are multiple MPJE study guides available in the market but knowing and understanding MPJE blueprint can’t be ignored to pass MPJE and get an MPJE passing score of 75.

Pharmacy Law exam is tricky and mainly failing pharmacy exam MPJE can take you a step backward in your pharmacy career. It is essential for Pharmacists to take MPJE and NAPLEX practice exams seriously and allocate at least three to six months for preparation to pass in the pharmacy exams.

Put your best foot forward – Prepare and practice for MPJE.

• Key to success is to know the MPJE Blueprint of the Pharmacy Exam MPJE. Review test topics from the MPJE bulletin and spend your time on MPJE practice questions according to the breakdown of the MPJE bulletin.

• Study all critical topics outlined in the MPJE examination bulletin.

• Spread out your review for at least three to six months. Focused reviews over time are more effective than cramming.

• Outline your text and mark topics that need a more thorough review.

• Try to predict questions and frame the situational questions that may be on the test based on MPJE blueprint topics, then test your skills in explaining them.

• If you are working in a pharmacy setting speak with your Pharmacy manager or a mentor if you are on internship rotations.

• Going through MPJE study forums or forming an MPJE study group and discussing with your school professor is highly recommended.

• Best way to study for MPJE or best MPJE study material is the primary source from state board websites and practicing many questions is key to MPJE success

Deja vu Day – The Day of The Test

• Get adequate sleep the night before the MPJE/NAPLEX test. Make sure you have gotten adequate sleep the week before the MPJE/NAPLEX test as well.

• Arrive early and choose a comfortable area to sit and relax for some time before the test.

• Dress casually and comfortably. Take extra time to plan appropriate clothes.

• Come with your two government-approved photo identifications (driver’s license, passport).

Following articles are not allowed in the Pearson MPJE testing center:

• Electronic devices including
• Cell phones
• PDAs
• Personal calculators (Test Center provided calculators are permitted)
• Translators
• Any other electronic device
• Outerwear, e.g., coats or jackets
• Hats, barrettes, large hair clips, and large hairbands
• Wallets, watches or jewelry wider than 1/4 inch
• Backpacks, briefcases, purses or other bags
• Notes, books or translating devices
• Pens or pencils
• Food or drinks
• Water bottles, inhalers, eye drops or lip balm
• Weapons of any kind

When you are taking the test

• Read and follow the directions carefully.

• Test takers must answer MPJE test questions in the order they are presented, you can’t skip the order and come back

• Never leave a question unanswered; there is no penalty for guessing. (Time management is the key to success; it is to your advantage to answer all the items on the test.)

• Do not change your first selected answer unless you are sure you made a mistake. Your first selected answer is usually the correct one.

MPJE Tips for Multiple Choice Questions

• Remember that there is only one preferred answer even though more than one answer may appear to be correct.

• Use the process of elimination when you do not know the answer. Eliminate the most obvious wrong answer first, then eliminate the second, and then make your best decision between the last two choices.

• If you are still unsure about which is the correct answer, select the longer or more descriptive answer of the remaining answer set.

• Slow down when you see negative words in the question. Look for words such as not, except, and so on. In these cases, you need to identify the false statement instead of the correct statement.

• Items that contain “absolutes,” such as always, shall, never, must, all, and none, severely limit the meaning of the item. Statements that contain absolutes are sometimes incorrect.

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