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The MPJE : What you need to know to pass

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 The MPJE candidate will receive Pass or Fail exam results and not a scaled score, approximately seven business days after the candidate has taken the exam. 

MPJE Pass or Fail exam results are published on the candidate’s NABP e-Profile for most states.  MPJE candidates will not receive a separate performance report with additional information about their exam results for Pass or Fail results. Only the individual boards of pharmacy have the authority to issue a license to practice pharmacy. NABP posting an MPJE passing exam result does not constitute a license to practice pharmacy. Boards will not accept examination results posted online via NABP e-Profile for score transfer or obtaining licensure. MPJE online reports are for candidate use only. Candidates seeking a license in the following states are mandated to receive their MPJE results in the mail directly from these jurisdictions:

  • Guam
  • Illinois
  • Minnesota
  • Montana
  • Wisconsin

At this time, NABP will also release MPJE results to the board of pharmacy designated on their MPJE application as it is authorized to unless the scores are withheld or invalidated. 

How many questions can you miss on the MPJE exam to pass?

To receive an MPJE result, a candidate must have completed at least 107 questions on the examination. If a candidate answers fewer than 107 questions. MPJE result will not be reported. The MPJE candidate who completes at least 107 questions, but fewer than 120 questions, will have a penalty applied and their exam result adjusted to reflect the number of unanswered questions, which may affect MPJE results. The best interest is to answer all questions presented on the MPJE.

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Wishing you good luck with your exam!

Written by Goda Sreenidhi 

RphBuddy Team 

Published on August 11th, 2022




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