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Pharmacy Exam Success – Be Proactive And Prepare Ahead Of Time

Taking NAPLEX and MPJE Pharmacy exams can be a stressful for all students especially when the students are burdened under the constant struggle of balancing their academic and social lives together. Many students hold the perception that cutting down on their extracurricular activities would help them gain more on their exams. This, however, is not entirely true.

You can quickly make your Pharmacy exams period less stressful by preparing for them ahead of the scheduled dates. This will not only let you stay updated with your syllabus but also spare you some extra time to indulge in your sports and social activities.

Studying ahead of your Pharmacy exams can be relatively easy when you follow these steps:

Plan, plan, and plan

The golden rule is to make sure you keep track of your time and schedule your daily activity and routine. Planning can help you save time and organize yourself in a better way just before your exams. Start by setting up a calendar in your room and mark your exam dates in bold. Calculate the time that you are left with before the exams start so that you can prepare accordingly.

If you have an ample amount of time, then it’s a good idea to invest at least six hours into studying per day. However, if you aren’t left with much time, then you should consider cutting down on your hangouts a bit and spare more time for your preparations.

Keep up with the syllabus

Figuring out your course books a day before the exam can be the worst thing to do. It’s a better idea to keep up with everyday lectures that you take and make notes about them. This will facilitate you in understanding and revise detailed notes just a few days before your exam.

This will also save you the trouble of going through your gigantic books and stressing yourself with their loads. Instead, all you would have to do is take out your notes and give them a thorough read.

Organize yourself

Only organizing your daily schedule and routine is not enough. If you need greater success in your exams then you need to coordinate other aspects of your life too. Make sure all the books you’ll need are already in your locker or issue them beforehand from the library. Organize your classes, lectures, extracurricular activities and social events keeping your academic activities on top priority.

Planning, keeping up and organizing are the three key points you must follow to avoid any extra pressure that students most likely face during their exams. Studying ahead not only guarantees you a higher level of success in your exams but also lets you do it with minimal strain and anxiety.

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