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Getting enough sleep and rest before the pharmacy exam is crucial for success

MPJE Exam results and NAPLEX test results are significantly impacted by the amount sleep and rest students get weeks before the exam. Everybody realizes that absence of rest can make us languid and decrease our reactions and reflexes making them slower however new research demonstrates that pulling a “dusk ’til dawn” affair or an all-nighter during your exam week can accomplish something beyond only making you sluggish. Not getting enough rest can adversely influence memory and increase feelings of anxiety and stress, and these are both counterproductive.

Forgetting what we learned

Spending restless evenings panicking about Pharmacy exams can invalidate the point. As the absence of rest can influence memory, the odds are likely would not have the capacity to recall a lot of what remained up all night. Feeling worried amid exam week will likewise be detrimental to the ultimate objective, which is to pass the MPJE Pharmacy Law exam and NAPLEX with decent scores for all diligent work throughout the year.

Why our brains need sleep

According to a recent study, the students who slept every night during their exam week and got enough rest had a score of almost 10 percent higher than those who stayed up all night studying. Our brain, just like our body, needs rest even though it is a super machine. The reason is that whatever we learn is retained with our older memories as we sleep. The brain integrated the new knowledge with the existing one, so students not getting enough sleep will face problems in their exams and have trouble remembering the details to the questions asked.

What can a good night sleep do to MPJE exam results ?

A good night’s sleep for almost up to seven to eight hours is beneficial. Apart from helping the brain flush out toxins easily, perform better and make the temporary memories into cemented ones, sleeping also boosts abilities to think and act in certain situations along with our reflexive abilities. It improves not only overall brain functioning and health but also improves athletic performance where the majority of the magic comes from the apt coordination between brain and muscles, so the healthier our brain, the healthier the body.


Lack of sleep for an extended period has many adverse effects apart from not helping to retain what we have learned. Not getting enough sleep causes early signs of memory problems, finding it challenging to remember old things and retain the new memories, being slow in physical and mental responses, damaged neurons and brain impairment.

Hence it is very crucial to get adequate sleep every night and not tire our self out or make it a habit to stay up late.

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